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The year 2020 was a year replete with business lessons as it was a tough year for businesses.

We saw both global businesses including mom and pop shops go through the rut and out, with some businesses barely surviving and others having to close operations completely. It felt like 10 years compressed into one.

It’s dire to take stock of the actions and strategies implemented by the resilient business that survived as well as those businesses that failed to chart a new course for the coming years.

The following are the top business lessons from 2020 that every business must put in focus going forward.

Embracing Technology

The pandemic resulted in the cancellation of events, that affected a lot of lives, jobs, and businesses. We saw remote working and virtual events become the new normal. People and businesses that had formally not embraced technology were forced to.

Hence, the rise in the use of platforms such as Google meet, zoom, and many others. If there’s only one winner from the coronavirus pandemic, it will have to be Zoom Video Communications, the once-obscure enterprise software maker that turned into a life essential almost overnight.

In the first three months of 2020, daily use of Zoom’s video conferencing software jumped 20-fold, according to company founder and CEO Eric Yuan, as people turned to the app to work, learn and socialize during the quarantine.

In its latest fiscal year ended January 31, the company posted an 88 percent year-over-year jump in revenue (to $622.7 million) and a profit of $25.3 million, a rare milestone for a nine-year-old startup.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital! Only businesses willing to embrace technology will remain relevant.  Will you rather go digital or rut?

The importance industry of connections

More than ever it has become important for the business to have support from peer businesses, the government, and the public. This would e determined by the series of connections made and preserved by the business.

Particularly the connection made by the business in terms of value creation especially for its target market.

This would ensure the going concern of the business because the business that creates value by solving a problem has a higher probability of thriving, ceteris paribus.

Do you relate with peers and key players in your industry? Does your business create value?

The importance of structure and planning for decision making

The importance of structure in business cannot be overemphasized and this structure must cut through systems and processes in business, including the decision-making process of the business.

Planning shows proactiveness and this is a critical skill for business survival. The ability to foresee the future through figures and to plan accordingly for business success. Business success is not a happenstance, it is a series of calculated moves based on structure and planning.

Of course, there are times when a business must change its course upon eventualities outside its control such as COVID. This is why every entity must make flexibility a core part of its business plans.

Embracing Creativity and Innovation.

As with the common saying “either you innovate or you die”. Innovation is the bedrock of entrepreneurship and it must be treated as such.

AppleAlphabetAmazonMicrosoft, and Samsung, are considered the five most innovative companies, according to BCG’s analysis of the 50 most innovative companies of 2020.  The research team found every company in the survey was quickly adapting to changing supply chains, customer demand, and modifying manufacturing processes.

These top companies are invested in research and development. To innovate a business must invest in its research and development to improve its product offerings, service, processes, and systems.

The importance of a Customer-Centric business

The customer is the reason why a business is in business. This must not be downplayed and must stay at the core business operations and strategy.  If your business revenue has not seen notable changes in recent times this could be the reason why. Focus on their pain points and milk it!

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