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It is no longer news that business in the 21st Century is all about meeting needs. With time, we have seen that business without solving a specific problem is only another failed venture waiting to happen.

However, some others that are centred on meeting some well-defined needs have suffered the same fate for just one reason -failing to keep their clients at the centre of the business. This just goes on to further establish the age-long saying that the customer is king!

A king’s bidding must be always done to remain safe in the city, hence the need for occasional and I dare say regular feedback from the clients. The business exists to serve them anyway.

Many try to get accurate feedback from clients, however, there is a “how” to get it right. For this reason, we’ve put together our 5 power tips to get accurate feedback from Clients.

Get the Why Right

Despite the importance of getting feedback from clients, it should never be one of those exercises that are done just to join the bandwagon or to feel cool. Your purpose for engaging your clients should be clearly defined from the start and this will inform everything about the process.

Find the Best Medium for your Clientele

It is highly unlikely to get youngsters to fill two to three pages of straight questions. Nobody has that luxury of time. Make sure that you consider the crop of people that make up your clientele before choosing your method of receiving feedback.

Provide a bit of Context.

Hi Client, we are looking to get better with our delivery process in the coming quarter, kindly fill this survey to help us serve you better.”

I bet that this kind of introduction will offer better chances of getting truthful, honest, and intentional feedback from your clients. Provide some context to the purpose of the feedback and you are sure going to get better replies.

Take Care of your Records

Some organizations are known to ask for feedback they never use. Filling out surveys or sending feedback emails to such organizations is tantamount to a waste of time. No one wants to engage in that. You must let your clients know that you care about their views.

Everybody wants to feel loved in this complex world of ours, asking how to serve your clients better and implementing it portrays nothing but love and care for them. In summary, be known for implementing feedback.

Maximize Social Media

With the advent of social media is the increase in freedom of speech. A lot of people take solace in the different platforms to voice their displeasure or approval for a particular cause.

Pay attention to your clients’ comments about what you offer. You will be saving yourself a lot of stress if you do. It is also a good idea to acknowledge them, whether positive or negative. This has numerous impacts on your brand as a whole and should not be joked with.

Finally,to stay in business, your clients need to be given first place, know this, and know success. Maximize various platforms to receive feedback and get those monies coming in.